Universal Controller

Intelligent Automation for The Modern Data Center

A Single Solution for the Enterprise


Universal Controller offers the latest innovations in design, architecture, implementation, and compliance - all incorporated organically throughout its feature set rather than using separately developed add-ons sold for an additional license fee. Universal Controller not only provides the time-and-date scheduling of an enterprise job scheduler, it is a workload automation broker capable of meeting the needs of real-time enterprises. Universal Controller is truly native to all platforms - not just separate, platform-specific "integrated" schedulers. The core server and agents can run on Windows, UNIX, and Linux operating systems.

It's up to you how you want to set up your environment. How you choose to implement the software is not dictated by software restrictions. This seamless integration reduces complexity, minimizes errors and vastly improves your ability to access comprehensive visualizations of your data and workflows. In short, Universal Controller is the last scheduler you'll ever need.


controller architecture



Pure Web Interface

The Universal Controller user interface has been developed with an intuitive design that leverages the latest Web 2.0 technologies. The system is accessible anywhere using most popular browsers. One hundred percent of user and administrative functions can be performed via the web interface. There are no obscure command lines to learn or unwieldy desktop installs to perform.


Define Business Process via Graphical Workflow

A central component of Universal Controller is the integrated drag-and-drop workflow definition tool. This feature allows you to define workflows that closely model your business processes. While working within the workflow module, you can import existing task definitions or create new tasks on the fly. You can develop simple or complex workflows and zoom in or out to view the details or overview as required. When the workflow kicks off, you can monitor its activity in a table view or graphically or both. You can create your own activity displays, specifying which activity you want selected and what details should be included. Like the workflow itself, the activity display is completely customizable.


Dashboards, Reporting, and Customizations

The Universal Controller user interface gives you the flexibility to define custom dashboards for each user. Dashboards are composed of user-defined graphical widgets that display real-time views of a particular running workload. For reporting, Universal Controller provides a built-in report generator. Reports can be output as lists, pie charts, or bar charts; exported as PDF, Excel, or XML-formatted files; and can be shown as a widget on any dashboard.


Clustering for Fault Tolerance and High Availability

Beyond simplistic high availability, system administrators can set up clusters of two or more nodes for fault tolerance, load balancing, and unprecedented scalability.


Manage Dynamic Workload

Universal Controller provides hooks into operating system performance that allow administrators to load balance based on the real-time availability of system resources.


Powerful Integrations

Universal Controller is deeply integrated with the operating systems - z/OS, Linux, UNIX, and Windows. For z/OS, Universal Controller supports the step re-run and re-start features. On all platforms, Universal Controller provides real-time file monitoring and file browsing. The system also provides point-to-point transfer capabilities via FTP/SFTP and Stonebranch's robust Universal Data Mover engine. Database monitoring is also supported, along with database query and stored procedure execution.


Integrated Role-based Security

System security is managed from within the product. Administrators add users and groups, then define and assign access permissions to the users and groups. These access permissions can be assigned at extremely granular levels, down to a specific task or groups of tasks if required.



Universal Controller applies emerging technology to the challenges of today's automation. It is an enterprise job scheduler and workload automation broker that allows you to manage the workload of your entire enterprise - from any platform, from a web-based interface.