Every business is digital and digital business success depends on good customer experiences. Our performance platform was built to help you deliver great customer experiences, accelerate release cycles and simplify operations. www.dynatrace.com


eMite Service intelligence platform and predictive analytics engine - with industry leading modules for Service Desk, availability, SLA, performance and capacity management and BSM. www.emite.com

Cronus Cyber

Cronus Cyber Technologies is a global provider of predictive Attack Path Scenario (APS) solutions. We developed the CyBot product suite, a unique, patented software solution that imitates human hacker behavior to discover, predict, analyze, and mitigate the risk of sophisticated cyber attacks – all in real time. www.cronus-cyber.com


N(i)2 bridges the gap between Facilities Management, Network Resource Management, and ITSM by bringing together Configuration, Design, Modeling, and Management capabilities into one software suite.  www.ni2.com


Scalable provides a genuinely new avenue to explore that can dramatically drive down the software and management costs of the user community. The key is that Scalable represents a new approach, so no one can suggest that prior efforts were poorly executed; what is possible with Scalable’s products has simply not been possible before. With individuals’ livelihoods now at stake, elimination of wasteful spending has to be considered the top priority. Can you afford not to be seen to be doing everything in your power to stop the waste? www.scalable.com


Stonebranch was founded in 1999 to provide non-intrusive, vendor-agnostic agent capabilities to manage workload automation processes from any scheduling engine. In 2011 Stonebranch merged with Opswise enabling them to offer the only Workload Automation engine written in the 21st century to existing customers as well reach markets that were previously unattainable. www.stonebranch.com


KonnecT - Working with BMC Software to provide solutions for customers and partners. www.konnect.co.uk


Interlink provides an automation platform for IT operations encompassing event management, configuration and business service management. The Interlink platform is fully embedded in large organisations with high transaction volumes. www.interlinksoftware.com