Dynatrace APM

If you care about customer experience it is vital to understand how your business applications are performing. Dynatrace APM provides you with the insight you need to ensure your applications are optimised for a great user experience.  


Dynatrace - Key Capabilities


Visibility, context and collaboration without barriers

From LoB to app and infrastructure teams, everyone gets what they need so everyone’s on the same page

Trace any transaction no matter where it goes

See transactions flow through your app, cloud, 3rd parties, virtualized tiers, user devices, & more.

Every system. Every application. One solution

Infrastructure, apps and users: See every problem, everywhere, every time.

Go from end-user level to code-level in seconds

Pinpoint end-user issues and gain code-level visibility into the call-stack of any transaction

Gap-free data eliminates blind-spots

End guesswork. Get all the facts, all the time—in context.

Don't reproduce issues, share the replay

Automatically package up the root cause info for any incident. Just export and send.

Designed for continous delivery processes

Automate performance analysis through your automation interfaces for CI/CD systems.

Simplify, automate, and manage complexity

Smart discovery and error detection with adaptive baselining and alerting.

Eliminate false alarms

With smart baselines and alerting, false alarms will never flood your mailbox again.